tisdag 10 februari 2009

Prinsessan Lilian bloggar 16

Are you interested in languages? I am! I actually consider learning Swedish. Wouldn’t that be just wonderful?

Talking about languages and words, did you know that the Americans don’t use the word autumn? They say fall. Isn’t that weird?
Anyway, yesterday I took another autumn in my home, (hope that’s not too smart for you) so now I’m back at Sophiahemmet. The doctors say I may have broken or splintered something. Maybe a leg, maybe a pelvis. Who knows? Who cares? You care? Well, sod off! I’ll have plenty of time for watching telly and writing clever blog posts.

Talking about being back in hospital; have you heard that wonderful song There was a Red-back on the Toilet Seat? It’s about what happens if you, when going to the loo, sit on a venomous spider. Go on, listen to it!

After hearing that I feel pretty happy that nothing like that happened to me. I mean, the journos would have gone bananas. Think of the headlines:

Lilian’s got a spider up her jacksy. King Carl Gustaf concerned.

Princess Lilian watches Spiderman from hospital bed. Ice bag attached to her bottom.

Antivenin flown in from Australia.

Expert: If you’re a princess – always check toilet seat before crapping.

I must say I prefer to quietly fall over, and if you disagree I couldn’t care less.

Remember, I’m a princess and what I say goes. All right?



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Nonsensakuten sa...

Lilians blogg är bara bäst. Tack.

Lilian sa...

Thanks dear!