fredag 6 februari 2009

Nigeria anyone 2

Jag har dansat omkring på små fluffiga moln hela dagen. På varje moln finns ett bord med Champagne och ostron.

Min kommande rikedom känns än mer verklig nu när jag fått iväg detta mail till min nyfunne vän Mr Peter Wong, eller som han kallar sig bland vänner; Mr. Peter.
Jag hoppas att han blir glad för mitt mail och snart skriver tillbaka.

Subject: RE: More details
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 12:22:36 +0100

Dear Mr Wong,
Or may I call you Peter, my trustworthy friend? You see, I feel like we’re already good friends, and I assure you that when the money reaches me, you will not be left empty-handed. A substantial part of the $44 million will find its way to an account of yours.
I hope when this is over that we will be able to meet; perhaps in Hong Kong. I have heard that it’s a place worth visiting. Is it?

Please tell me about yourself! How old are you? For how long have you been in banking? Is it an interesting job? Do you have a family?
I have a family. I’m married to a very nice woman. Her name is Hulda Bärkasse. We have two sons, Testicklas and Bordsfläkt. We also have a dog called Daimkryss. Do you have pets, Peter? If not, you should get one as soon as possible. They will bring so much happiness into your life!

It was a good job getting my email address from the country commerce center. You see, I’m a business man. I run a big company which deals mainly with import of goods from Latin America. Having said that you should know that I know a great deal about off-shore banking, and I’ve instructed my staff to prepare an account in the Cayman Islands. With that account in place you will be able to transfer the money quickly to me.

Let’s talk for a while about Mr Haider Hanoon. Have you checked properly for relatives to this man? When the money has been transferred to my account I plan to go to Mukaradeeb in order to find people who knew him and his family. Maybe I will be able to track down an uncle or a cousin. I feel strongly that some of the money should be returned to Iraq.
Would you like to join me on that journey to Iraq? It would be an honour to me. We could visit cafés in Mukaradeeb, talk to people about Mr Haider Hanoon and perhaps smoke some water-pipe.

Let me once again tell you how grateful I am for this business opportunity. I am also very happy about you Peter; my new friend!

Please let me hear from you soon!

Sincerely yours,
Rüdiger Pseudonaja

3 kommentarer:

antidoten sa...

Hehe :-D

Du vet att jag har en svårt sjuk axel som behöver opereras? Jag ser fram emot ett litet bidrag när du har mottagit alla miljoner...

E sa...

Ha Ha ...din fantasi är värd minst dom där miljonerna.
Pseudonajas fond, jag ska söka lite bidrag!!

Superkex sa...

Den stackaren hade uppenbarligen ingen aning om vad han gav sig in i när han mailade dig. :D

Pseudonaja for president!